Tactical Air Command Operations at Homestead Air Force Base during the Cuban Missile Crisis


Operations of the Tactical Air Command during the Cuban Missile Crisis at Homestead Air Force Base. Includes the preparation of rockets and weapons, planes on alert on the tarmac, and the arrival of General Walter Sweeney Jr (Tactical Air Command Commander) and General Thomas Power (Strategic Air Command Commander).

Catalog Card

Date: October 24, 1962
Original Title:
Film Type: Black and White / Silent
Credit: U.S. Air Force
Archival Source: National Archives / 342-USAF / 342-USAF-34535A

Transcript / Shot List

Coverage of TAC Operations at Homestead AFB during the Cuban Crisis, including the arrival of Gen Curtis E. LeMay, USAF CofS, Gen Walter C. Sweeney, Jr., TAC Comdr, Gen Thomas S. Power, SAC Comdr, Lt Gen Joseph J. Nazzaro, 8th AF CG, Lt Gen Thomas P. Gerrity DCS/Sys & Logistics, USAF, Lt Gen Gabriel P. Disosway, DCS/Operations USAF. 1) Shows cars parked in front of Headquarters Building. 2) Scenes of F-102's on flight line--canera pans to wingtip tank storage area. 3) Shows men loading boxes of rockets onto truck. 4) Scenes of F-102 pilot entering aircraft and running up engine. 5) Series of scenes of C-135 taxiing in, Gen Sweeney debarking and touring base. 6) Scenes of two KC-135's landing showing Lt Gen Nazzero and Gen Power debarking and being greeted.


The date is approximate. The original shot list identifies it only as being filmed during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

This is one of three reels of footage from Homestead Air Force Base during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Others are here and here.

There is also footage of [President Kennedy visiting Homestead in November 1962-(http://historyinpieces.com/video/jfk-homestead-air-force-base).